Monday, November 23, 2009

We're Coming to Get You #1: Freddy vs. Jason

Welcome to the first of hopefully many of our podcasts. Andre and Shaun sit down to discuss what was the horror event of the year in 2003 -- Freddy vs. Jason. The wet dream of millions of Nightmare and Friday fans (along with several onlookers) was made a reality but did it meet the hype it generated? Could it?

Are fans happy with the end result compared to what could have been? Does Ken Kirzinger hold a candle to Kane Hodder? Who doesn't love Robert Englund? Have you seen a bloodier movie? And should Monica Keena just go shirtless from now on?

The format will be changing next time, but for now, enjoy an in depth look into the bloody carnage that was Freddy vs. Jason from the minds of two horror hounds.

Click here to listen.

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