Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Bottom Shelf #1: Twilight

As horror fans, we don't care much for how vampires appear in the Twilight series. It's fairly evident that whoever wrote these books kept very little of what we've known about vampires for centuries and turns the mythos of the vampire on its ear. After a previous attempt at watching when the movie first came out, Andre made it about half an hour before laughing himself out of the theatre and Shaun lasted 20 min. as he waited for it to come out on video and wasn't impressed with whatever was going on. Probably wasn't paying attention in the first place.

It was with great reluctance that we had to sit down for just over TWO HOURS of this incredibly popular movie even though nothing...ever...happens! The 2 minutes of action really can't make up for the 1h 51min of brooding done by both Bella and Edward as they try to communicate to each other but Edward's forehead keeps getting in the way. We've both had Twilight fans explain to us the things we don't get, but you know what? Their answers make everything viewed in this movie even MORE baffling than they already are. Chances are you've seen this already, but we present our commentary for those interested in what members of the horror community have to say about it...while we watch it!

Just click on the link and you'll be sent to the video.

Twilight Part 1
Twilight Part 2
Twilight Part 3
Twilight Part 4
Twilight Part 5
Twilight Part 6
Twilight Part 7
Twilight Part 8
Twilight Part 9

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